Hindi #2 – रोज़ की भाग दौड़


दर-पे-दर ज़िंदगी गुज़रती चली गयी रोज़ की भाग दौड़ मे,

ए-काश ठहर कर सोच लिया होता की चाईए क्या था|

Hindi #1 – टूटना


घड़ी घड़ी गुस्से में बोल दिया करते थे

की रिश्ता तोड़ देंगे,

जब एक दिन वो छोड़ कर चली गयी

तब समझ में आया की टूटना होता क्या है|

Flashback Friday #7 – A Poem for My Grandma



In the special corner of my heart

My Grandma you reside,

And you will always live there

Till my heart beats beside;

The blanket of your love

I feel blessed to grew up under,

Reason my childhood memories are so beautiful

Because you are the part of them I ponder;

Even though you lost your father

At such an early age of two,

But you still learned all the family values

And ingrained them in me too;

Grandma, I am yet to find

A calm, sensible and learned person as you are,

If I manage to inculcate just a bit of you

In life I would go really far;

You are so modern for your age

And understand the generation gaps so well,

Makes me wonder are you really that old

Or it’s just your wrinkled skin and gray hair create an illusionary tale;

I remember when every adult used to scold us kids

For making ruckus in the house and noise,

“Adults forget they used to do the same themselves”

You always whispered softly never once raising your voice;

When my school notes used to go missing as usual

Grandma, you were my friend in crime,

Helped me secretly in preparing my notes again

Always saved me from mommy’s time;

I loved my summer vacations more

Just because I could spend more time with you,

For learning, drawing, reading, writing

And sometimes flying kites too;

Listening invaluable life’s lessons

While sleeping in your lap,

I have learned so much from you

I can’t ever repay or even keep a tab;

Like, money is surely important in life

And one must earn in abundance,

But never take wrong short cuts for it

Just believe in your skills and keep your patience;

Like, this world is full of different characters

Everyone in their own way right,

Don’t burn yourself trying to keep everyone happy

Let some weird ones go and keep your close knit tight;

Grandma, can’t imagine my life without you

I feel dreaded to even think about anything wrong,

But I am sure your blessings will always shine on me

And in my smallest of success you will always sing your melodious song;

And I say again, in the special corner of my heart

My Grandma you reside,

And you will always live there

Till my heart beats beside;


12 Books I will read in 2017



First the list of books I read in 2016:

  1. Zero to One by Peter Thiel
  2. The Richest Man in Babylon by George S Clason
  3. The Expectant Father by Armin A. Brott and Jennifer Ash
  4. To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee
  5. The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami
  6. The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy (again)
  7. Four hour work week by Tim Ferriss (again)
  8. Four hour body by Tim Ferriss (again)

Though my goal was to read 15 books in 2016, I missed my goal for two reasons:

First, my baby boy -Kiaan- arrived in this world, and for all the good reasons my entire attention shifted towards him. Second, I listened to lots and lots of podcasts in 2016, mostly from The Tim Ferriss Show.

Now, in 2017 my goal is to read at least 12 out of 16 books listed below (in no order):

  1. Brain Rules for Baby by John Medina (1/3 – 1/12)
  2. The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson
  3. How to have a Beautiful Mind by Edward de Bono
  4. Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill
  5. How to Read a book by Mortimer Adler
  6. Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss
  7. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  8. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain (2/15 – 3/4)
  9. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
  10. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  11. Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
  12. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
  13. Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance
  14. The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon by Brad Stone (1/3 – 2/14)
  15. Freakonomics by Levitt & Dubner (3/5)
  16. Day to Day Economics by Satish Y. Deodhar
  17. If You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit by Brenda Ueland
  18. The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Scott

Happy reading!

Only true friends would do this…

After making a mistake of coming back to US alone without Isha and Kiaan, I was sitting alone in my living room, three pints down, feeling lonely, missing my family… when Tyagi called.

“Dude, you back?”


“What doing?”

“Getting bored, alone.”


“Isha and Kiaan will join after 3 weeks”

“Come over here.”

“What will we do there?”

“True, it’s kinda suburb. I should come over there then.”

“Cool, here we can have fun in NYC.”

“Hmm, let me check flights.”

“Awesome, but check with your wife and kids first.”

After few minutes…

“Okay, I am booking fights tickets for tomorrow.”


“Will come back to family by 31st noon.”

“Awesome, man! Send me flight details, I’ll pick you up.”

“Sure. See you tomorrow, bro!”


I picked him up from Newark airport on 28th Dec 10 am and dropped him back on 31st Dec 10 am. And we had all the boyzzzz fun you can wildly imagine. wink! wink!

I don’t have lot many friends but I am proud of the ones I have. They are not just for namesake. They actually care. And this is what true friends do. Thanks Tyagi for being one of them!

At Times square NYC

My 2017 goals

Happy New Year 2017!

In 2017, I want to focus on the same 7 things I focused in 2016 (list mentioned below). But this year I want to keep my goals measurable in order to track the progress more accurately.

  1. Improve knowledge on asset & wealth management, digital and product management
  2. Write daily – fiction story or blog post or private journal
  3. Read book or listen podcast daily (alternate: watch meaningful movie)
  4. Exercise 4 times a week – yoga, crossfit, running
  5. Practice gratitude and visualization daily
  6. Spent more quality time with Kiaan, Isha, family and friends
  7. Simplify life / Declutter

~~List of my 2017 Goals~~

Career Goal:

  • Complete DMCA training (Jan 2017)
  • Complete Digital 101 training (Feb 2017)
  • Complete AWM training (Feb and Mar 2017)
  • Publish Robo whitepaper (Mar 2017)
  • Complete product management book (Sep 2017)

Writing Goal:

  • Write 24 blog posts and/or short stories in a year

Reading Goal:

Health Goal:

  • Reduce 10 kilograms weight in a year
  • Run 365 miles in a year
  • Drink 6 glasses of water daily

Gratitude Goal:

  • Practice gratitude every morning
  • Practice gratitude and visualization before bed at night

Family Goal:

  • One vacation with Isha and Kiaan
  • Complete Kiaan’s scarpbook
  • Read books to Kiaan 3 times a week
  • Play structured games with Kiaan 3 times a week
  • Photo session with Kiaan at least once every month

Simplify life / Declutter goal:

  • Structure all the digital documents and pictures scattered across various locations into hard drive and dropbox
  • Delete all the unwanted digital documents
  • Same with physical documents
  • Maintain the new file structure
  • Let go off people who don’t care