You reap what you sow!!!


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It was a heated afternoon in the month of June. The entire city was burning under the scorching sun. And with that she was burning too, but her reason was different. It was terrible. It was miserable. It was regretful. And, it was something she had never thought even in her scariest dreams till a few years back. But now, she lives with it everyday. It burns her even in the coldest night of the year. It has become the part of her life, sucking her slow and deep.

She, turned 70 today, was sitting alone on the bare floor at the house entrance, with her grey fragile head bent against the wooden door. Her weak eyes were gazing the empty street that, once crowded, was abandoned by its people to avoid the sun. And, she wondered why her life has become like that street… why her people have abandoned her in this old age? Sitting there she was sinking in herself. Tears started floating, drying her throat. She lifted her thin wrinkled body and walked towards the kitchen. Only the walls were her allies to support her.

old alone woman

She had just opened the refrigerator door to wet her throat when a loud scream shivered her body, “I know you always keep stealing. How much you need to eat?” Her daughter-in-law was standing behind her wearing a furious expression. She closed the door without drinking and slowly dragged herself out of the kitchen, when she saw her son frowning upon her from the stairs. Her tears were soaked by her pounding heart, and sliding through the walls she reached to her lonely room.

Lying on her bed, those harsh words ‘I know you always keep stealing’ were ringing hard in her head, and as she closed her eyes, she saw herself 25 years earlier, much younger and healthy, with a firm voice and body, standing on those stairs, shouting the same way on her mother-in-law, while her husband and son standing beside her, silent.

She didn’t realize she would also be old one day. She didn’t realize her son would learn from her the very same nature and behavior. She wished to go back in time to undo her wrong deeds, to seek forgiveness, to sow seeds of love and respect. But, she just wept, and wept more… waiting for her end!

Valentine’s day special


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So I called to let her know I will be late in office today. I lied. But I did reach home late.

At midnight, I surprised her with beautiful card which was perfectly hidden beneath my pillow. I wrote few lines in that:

You smile, I smile

You cry, I also do

On this valentines my love, I promise

I will live for your happiness

And breathe my entire life with you

She was indeed happy to see that. I am sorry baby I wanted to buy flowers also but didn’t get any time, you know, I said with sad face. No need baby, this card is so special.

In a while, she opened the microwave to prepare some late night snack, but jumped to see a red rose inside. Baby, when you got these flowers? What flowers, I don’t know. And I blinked.  

Okay, there is one more gift waiting for you. Please tell me no where she said excitedly. Search for it. And she looked at every corner but didn’t find. Okay, a hint, in the kitchen. She looked in the refrigerator and finally in the fourth attempt found a white pup hiding behind a bottle. She was mesmerized.

Gifts over, okay, I smiled. Thank you so much baby. You made it so special.

She woke me up for office when from inside my cozy blanket I said it is too hot in here why don’t you switch on the AC. She looked surprised but came back running with another card she found lying over the AC. This one is so darn cute! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

Please tell me all other gifts. I hope there are no more, right. Obviously, this one was the last.

Around 3, she called me all excited…when did you buy and hide all these gifts…she asked after discovering a heart-shaped chocolate box beside the other snacks on our kitchen side table. I was enjoying to see her so happy. Okay, now that was finally the last one. You liked my surprises? I just loved them. And in the evening, we will go out to your favorite Mexican restaurant. Wow.

We were getting ready for our romantic dinner, when she usually asked which pendant to wear. I don’t know. She asked again. I really don’t know. But, one of the dinning chairs might know. She looked puzzled for a second and rushed. Swarovski necklace was shinning there. 

And, I used to think I am no romantic.


The blessed memories of Diwali


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Hands folded in Nameste and head innocently bowed in front of Goddess Lakshmi’s in our small temple in the living room, I am sitting next to my Grandma. Now, dressed up smartly in black achkan (indo-western jacket) and white churidar pajama with a white pearl necklace around my neck, I am putting tikka on my grandpa’s forehead. And here at our terrace with my beautiful mom smiling in her yellow chiffon, holding a phuljhadi (sparkler) in my hand from behind and asking me to look towards my dad taking our picture, but looks like I am more into that phuljhadi than the picture. Thank you dad for capturing these memorable moments and many more, for these are the ones through which I still, after so many years, cherished my childhood Diwali celebrations.

As a child, I was madly fascinated by Diwali – the festival of light, though for me it was more a festival of crackers. I don’t remember my age then, just old enough when kids are allowed to step down alone to the nearby market. That street near our house is very narrow, and during the festival, with the crackers and sweets shops stretched almost to the middle from both ends, it used to become crowded, noisy and “lively”.

DiwaliMy crackers shopping used to begin a week before Diwali with pencil bombs and taabeez (triangle shape bombs). They were 100 for five and 2 packets a day were decently budgeted in my pocket-money. All that week, morning to evening, mostly alone at my terrace, except a few times with my friend Varun, I used to blast those bombs. Crazy isn’t? Divyang, my younger brother, was least interested in joining me. I am still not sure why he never enjoyed crackers. In this case, he is very much like grandpa who always refrain us from bursting crackers. His reason is pollution of course which I am sure is not Divyang’s. But grandma always use to give me money for crackers (the expensive and fancy ones). She is simply the best.

A few times I got light burns but no one knows about them yet. After that “bomby” week, the terrace used to look like a dirty pit with busted bombs, ashes, burnt papers and match sticks all over. On the Diwali afternoon, I used to sweep clean the terrace by myself with the same enthusiasm and excitement. Then after putting a folding bed for everyone to comfortably sit and enjoy the show of fancy crackers, I used to light around a hundred of candles on the terrace boundary to brighten up our Diwali house some more. The very next morning, I would be the first one to go upstairs to gather the melted wax of those candles for making the hand-made different-shapes candles. Recycling, you see.

I had a similar passion for greeting cards then. I used to make Diwali cards for all my close relatives and friends – trying to make all different and as beautiful as I could. Then with my Grandma’s help, I used to make envelopes for them, matching the color with the card (those were the days when we didn’t have loose envelopes in the market).

I loved to watch my mom making rangolis and painting on our doorway the little footsteps, white and beautiful, welcoming the Goddess Lakshmi to walk through our house on that auspicious evening to pour her blessings on us. We also used to hang a kandil, with an electric bulb inside it, high on the television antenna, so that at Diwali night, it lit colorful inside the kandil. At every house, there used to be at least one Kandil of some weird shape and bright color. In this cable and internet era remain no more television antennas and no more kandils on them, but still we buy a kandil and hang it somewhere inside the house.

Dad used to take me along with him to greet relatives and friends with Diwali sweets and gifts, and eventually, as I grew up, dad handed over this responsibility to me. I never enjoyed doing it alone except for visiting some close relatives. And so I handed it over to Divyang as soon as he grew up a little more. I think he, being an extrovert, loved it, except when not lazy.

Amidst all these beautiful blessed memories, I have a memory which is not pleasant but equally blessed for no one was hurt. I was very small then. My mom-dad, uncle-aunt, Divyang, all were there on terrace celebrating the Diwali evening. Someone gave me a sparkler and after a few seconds, scared of getting my hand burned, I just dropped it completely ignorant of the fact that I am standing next to the box full of crackers. The only scene I remember is that the rocket bombs going all over the terrace, my mom running towards the staircase holding Divyang and dad rushing towards me to drag me inside our terrace store-room. Thanks Almighty, no one was hurt. BE SAFE THIS DIWALI!

For the Diwali pooja, everyone in their best outfit sit next to each other, bow and pray. A few times, we used to celebrate the festival together with our close relatives and the joy was manifold. I pray to feel that joy again. After the pooja, we used to dance on the loud music and run towards the terrace for the fireworks. One time along with Nishtha and Suketu, I had this crazy fun of putting pile of newspapers on fire in a cement tray and throwing bullet bombs in it causing the ashes and pieces of burnt newspaper flying up creating beautiful images and we used to dance around that fire. After getting tired with all the dance and fireworks, we used to play cards together till the wee hours of the morning.

And this is how I celebrated my Diwali as a child, as a teenager, and a few times as an adult. The best of times and celebrations! I miss that. I miss my family. I miss that fun. Well, I am going to attend Diwali pooja this year with my lovely family…over skype.


Say “Thank you” to those who changed you and feel “Awesome”


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“Do you have people in your world who changed your life positively?” asked me the morning, when I stepped in the balcony rubbing my eyes.

“Of course I’ve!” I replied, surprised why it is asking me that suddenly.

“Did you ever thank them for that?”

That question made me think… many times people changes our lives forever with their actions, words or just by their presence, and often we forget to thank them for what they did, taking their love and care for granted. I was no different, I am now… from this very moment…

So go ahead and thank those who really have changed you, your life and the way of think… It feels AWESOME!!!


Thank you Nishtha for always there in my life. I am so grateful for that. You are the bestest sister ever. I remember vividly when I saw you for the first time, a little more than my palm, I felt an angel has entered my life. And after so many years, I feel exactly the same…just never knew my little angel will grow up so fast!

I know you miss me the most when I am away from home. I miss you too but I am a little poor in expressing. You’ve taught me many things in your own way. The way you believe in me makes me more confident and responsible. You make me go for knowledge by relying on me for answers, making me more aware. Your trust in me makes me a believer, affirming my belief that I will always be there to hold you, to support you in all times, and the way you listens to me makes me feel I’m a good speaker. And, I go to gym to look like a handsome brother of such a gorgeous sister ;)

I LOVE YOU and want the best of the bestest for you in all the spheres of life.


I am so thankful to you Sonal for being such an amazing and caring sister. The way you care about me and the way you are a little possessed (in fact, for everyone you love ;-)) shows and reflects your pure love.

Our childhood memories are so precious – long summer vacations, playing hide and seek, going to the park for orange bar, and running from p l sharma to begum bagh for no reason. But even though we have our busy lives now, I want to thank you for always making me feel that you are always there for me.

I am really grateful that you introduced me to Isha, the best thing happened to my life. I am really thankful to you for that. You have changed my life.

The way you go an extra mile to take care of Nishtha is commendable. I never mentioned this but I really appreciate (I know you must be thinking now, ughh…isn’t she my sister ;-)). You left your work pending to attend my roka-ceremony on such a short notice made me feel really special.

I can go on and on saying how grateful I feel for having you as my sister, but I want to finish it short by saying, I LOVE YOU SIS !!!


Thank you Abhishek for many reasons than one. First of all for always being my best friend, standing on my side in good times and bad, in right and wrong. For always listening to my stuff patiently and always believing in me. For never shouting back on me even in our fights. For making me think I am much better than what I think I am, and that I deserve the best in life.

For leaving your college classes to support me during dad’s abduction. For making me calm and strong when I was at my lows. When we’ll meet again, and I know soon, we will follow our tradition of mall road and hariya ki lassi ;)

Thank you for being my bestest friend. You’ve changed me and my life in many ways.

Friends Forever!


PS: There are so many other people whom I want to thank equally… Surely will, on some other beautiful morning :-)

Shocking: British airways cancelled my tickets without my request !!!


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Are you planning to book international air tickets for yourself or your family? If so, please read this to avoid falling in this pit unfortunately my wife and I fell into.

This happened to us by British Airways (BA) when they cancelled my air tickets without any request from my end. This has affected us both mentally and financially.

Let me explain:

December 2011: I came to US to work with my company for 6 months from December 2011 till 30th June 2012. Due to some personal reasons, I’d to sponsor our own air tickets instead of my company. So, I booked 2 return tickets for my wife and myself. New Delhi to Boston dated 27th December 2011 and Boston to Bengaluru (connecting London) dated 30th June 2012.

9th June 2012: My wife called British Airways customer care to inquire rescheduling and cancellation policy just in case my I’ve to stay further in US beyond 30th June 2012.

13th June 2012: I asked my wife to call again and check the price break-up of the individual tickets, since on BA website only the summed amount of all the tickets (including my travel in December 2011) was getting displayed.

20th June 2012: My company confirmed that I’ve to go back to India on the earlier decided date i.e. 30th June 2012. So, I went to BA website to take the print-outs of my tickets. But I was shocked to see that the tickets were not getting displayed there.

21st June 2012: I called customer care and they informed me that the tickets have been cancelled for both of us on 13th June 2012. They also mentioned that cancellation request had come from my side. I clarified them multiple times that my wife had never requested any cancellation or refund. I also requested for the recording tapes of the conversations between my wife and the customer care associate which could prove this. But they denied all the requests. The tickets were booked under my name using my credit card, but the associate didn’t ask any information related to me or the card. How could any associate just cancel the tickets without asking the necessary information? The weirdest was that we never even received a single cancellation email or notification. Just imagine if I would have not checked the tickets till the last date as we generally do, convinced that the tickets are there.

22nd June 2012: I called customer care again multiple times but the manager said there is only one option – buy new tickets. In fact, he asked me a weird question that why my wife called twice. Can’t a customer call multiple times to inquire something? I also contacted BA customer relations but didn’t hear any positive response yet.

This seems either a mistake by customer care associate who spoke to my wife on 13th June 2012 or an error in the BA reservations system. I suspect latter because customer care informed me that both Boston – London and London – Bengaluru tickets are cancelled, but the main page of ‘Manage my Booking’ still shows London – Bengaluru flight details, as displayed in below snapshot of my booking. See in the top circle my July 2012 booking is getting displayed with the online check-in countdown in the right circle but the same details are not there in the below circle. Isn’t that shows their mistake?

I’ve bought this situation to my company’s senior management notice. They have extended my US stay for sometime, but the new tickets did cost me lot of $$$ provided the expensive air tickets price on such short notice.

I’ve emailed to Keith Williams, CEO of British Airways. His staff did respond with the same reply I got from customer care, and I am still following up with them trying to convince that it is not my fault. I’ve also raised a complaint against British Airways through a legal channel for the compensation of $$$ I’d to spend on my new tickets. I am willing to settle with the minimum.

Though this bad experience has given me my wife and me a lot of financial and mental stress, it has taught some lessons (this could apply to other airlines or service providers as well):

1. BA has the most pathetic customer care. 97% passengers of BA agree with this. Google it and you will find it out. So try to always avoid calling them.

2. If you no other option but to call BA’s pathetic customer care, try not to call more than once. They might misunderstand it, assume something by themselves, and propably take weirdest action without even informing you.

3. Always keep reiterating what they should not do even if you are requesting them to do so, like in my case we should have reiterated that please don’t reschedule or cancel my tickets, even though we never asked for cancellation.

4. Always book your tickets through a good travel agent, even if it cost a little more but then such incidents would be the agent’s overhead and not yours. This is most important.

I am hoping something positive soon and will update the post. I request you to share this post as much as possible…it might ring a bell somewhere. Thanks !!!

The law of attraction and my US stay


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YES, it worked for me. The law of attraction actually worked for me. WOW! It’s real and now I aspire to make it work for my bigger dreams! And well, it worked for me…so it could for work for you as well.

I am sure you must know what I am talking about. Because “The law of attraction” is not a secret anymore…it is revealed by “The Secret”. Thanks to Rhonda Byrne. Millions of people across the globe have experienced miracles in their lives following this law and its secret. Well if you are not in those millions of people, I recommend you to know The Secret. 

I would have been in India now, I am not…I am writing this post sitting in my cozy apartment on 6 Danforth Road in US. So, here’s want happened:

Well coming to US was always one of my dreams. I know it sounds a little childish since these days every other person from software industry is coming to US for work. Thanks to globalisation. The world is getting flat as they call it.

In my case, it took a little long. After waiting for seven years, I came to US on a work assignment in mid 2011 till June 30th 2012. And since it was one of my dreams, I fell in love with the country. But as my end date was approaching, the feeling to stay more in US was getting rooted. I started thinking that I am going to stay in US much longer. I shared the same with my US Director in April 2012 and he pulled some strings to extend my stay till December 2012. I was very excited but suddenly, some issues arose back in my India team because of which my extended stay got cancelled. It was very disappointing but somehow I always had this believe that I am not going back on June 30th.

Then, in early June a new US Vice President took over our group and he showed his willingness to have me stay back till December 2012. It again got finalized and I was verbally conveyed that I am not going back till end of the 2012. But this time I wanted the written confirmation. But again some misunderstanding happened between my India and US group, and on 20th June, just 10 days before my departure date, the extended stay was again cancelled and I’d to go back on the same 30th June – and this time it’s final and couldn’t be changed. I remember when my US Director was conveying this disheartening news to me, I knew it is just 10 days and now it is over. It is impossible that my stay would extend by any chance now in such a short timeframe. The case was closed. But still my thoughts were – ‘It will still happen. I am staying back in US beyond June 2012′. Though at that time I didn’t know – How it will happen?

My wife and I started packing our stuff and suddenly I asked her to check our 30th June air tickets to confirm the time. She logged in to the British Airways website and guess what tickets were not there. We were completely shocked. Never in our wildest dreams I thought that British Airways could cancelled our tickets without any warning or notification. Next afternoon, my wife called British Airways customer care and yes, they actually did cancel our tickets and put it on us that we requested a cancellation. The most weirdest thing we ever expected. And then they informed that they can’t help us in anyways. The only option is to buy new tickets which were 5 times expensive (approx 1.3 lacs per person) than the one those stupid people cancelled. My wife got so scared and tensed to cry. I went home early and called customer care several times. Same cold response. (I am going to share the further details of this “unfortunate” experience with British Airways in my next post, this post is for the “fortunate” experience with the law of attraction).

So, finally I informed my US director about this unfortunate incident. And he calmly said – “okay let’s extend your US stay for 2 months. By then the air tickets price would also go down, so you could afford them. Also we will reconsider your situation to extend further.” I didn’t believe my ears. That unfortunate event was actually a miracle which actually did what I really wanted to happen – to stay in US beyond June 2012. At that time I didn’t know how it would happen but see it made its way and I am still in US writing this post. Though I’d to spent around $1200 more from my pocket for the new air tickets for which I’ve filed a complaint against british airways for compensation, but most importantly I am still in US and my dream for further extension is still alive (and I will let you know when the law of attraction will work again :-)).

I called my wife to tell – Baby, The Secret is no more a secret now…It actually worked for us. INCREDIBLE! 

Internet, Mobile and Ceremony


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Since I first heard about this “Internet is Fun” contest sponsored by Indiblogger and Vodafone, I had to tell this incredible story. So read on:

That was just my fifth night in The United States. Along with a comfortable fully furnished one-bedroom-kitchen studio apartment at 3 Danforth Road in Boston and a high-speed Laptop, my smart company had also provided me loads of work. And so, I was working on that Friday night,  when somebody banged on my door. I knew a few of my colleagues were also putting up at 3 Danforth Road, but none was close to me yet to barge in my place around midnight.

I peeked through the key hole to find Girish standing outside. He was my colleague who was well settled in US for last ten years and just two days back helped me in getting a brand new IPhone 4S under a decent contract.

“I need your IPhone,” he demanded in a requesting tone as soon as I opened the door. He was completely dressed up in a black three-piece but was oddly wearing old slippers under his pants.

“Sure. Going somewhere?” I replied looking at his friend who, though was not wearing a suit, but was decently dressed up. He was his best friend.

“Yeah man, I am getting engaged. You’d installed Skype on the phone right?”

His reply perplexed me more than his slippers. “In the middle of the night?”

“Over Skype!” he chuckled.

“Oh…. Okay!” it took me a few seconds to absorb that and I turned to grab my IPhone.

I think out of courtesy he invited me off-hand to join them and out of curiosity I actually did. His apartment was two blocks from 3 Danforth. Along the way, while logging into the Skype, he informed me that his laptop just crashed and all his other friends are out-of-town for the weekend.

On the other side of Skype back in Hyderabad, India, there were around 20 people, all dressed up in traditional south Indian attires. They were waiting for Girish and as we reached his apartment, they called his gorgeous woman. She was wearing a beautiful kanchipuram saree and was all jeweled up elegantly in gold. Her eyes were down and she was shy. Girish was also blushing. It looked just like a real ceremony except for two differences. First there were no raised eye-brows at Girish’s slippers since no one got to look at them and second that Girish has his own ring which he wore himself and she had her own. Then both the families hugged the girl and blessed Girish, throwing rose petals on the screen. We also hugged Girish. It was kind of funny and we were giggling, but it was truly incredible as well. And after sometime, the ceremony was over, Skype was disconnected and Girish who was single a few minutes back was officially engaged.

Girish kept my phone for the night to chat with her then Fiancée. I came to my apartment, completely taken away by the incredible power the combination of mobile and Internet I just witnessed.

I became good friends with Girish after that out-of-the-world ring ceremony and gradually I got to know that 6 months ago Girish first met her in India through a common friend in a party. But since he came back to US, they met daily over Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, they discovered their interests while playing games like Draw Something, they watched movies together sharing screens, and more importantly, she impressed him a lot singing over Spotify. Recently, he got married in Hyderabad, and all his friends in US, including me obviously, enjoyed the LIVE telecast of their marriage from our offices’ desks and cafeterias over our mobile phone.



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