The Goddess – 55 Fiction

Exhausted, she dropped herself at broken door, and pulled 80 rupees from her muddy blouse. She wept gazing at Goddess picture, next to ailing husband. 320 more needed for his medicines.

A 500 note fell from a man passing by. She noticed and grabbed it inside. Looked again at Goddess, “Sahibji*, your 500,” she cried. 




14 thoughts on “The Goddess – 55 Fiction

  1. Awesum one.. U bcomin great in writing fiction within 55 words … But how do u think so much and accomodate n 55 words. U r bcomin great … Very nice one… Mmmmmmmmmmmmm :)

  2. A few words…but such a meaning which leaves a person thinking long after he has read this… be able to express so much..leave such a huge impact with mere words…shows ur strength n ability to play wid words..jus loved it…

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