My another morning

Sun rises, gifting light
Birds fly, chirping fresh
Dogs stray, but howling stop
Oldies smile, stepping in park
Children ready, waiting for bus
Mothers stand, holding the bag
Morning back, bringing new life
I enter room, rubbing eyes
Tiring body, dead on my bed,
After a long night!


13 thoughts on “My another morning

  1. haaa…… what happened to someone today.. full enthu mood to write poems and 55 fictions huh.. Gud one !!. Try Rhyming words next time .. Good going :)

  2. Hey mukaam, thanks for the comment.
    The emphasis is on the my morning and not on my night. So let reader think.
    Also, each mother is holding a single bag, so bag is appropriate, as far as I know. e.g. Today, all students will get their degree (not degrees)

  3. Ayush, it should be bags as per Noun Agreement. And for your sentence, Today, all students will get their degrees. Its not degree.. I confirmed from a SAT material as well

  4. huh… dont tell me.. u hav bcome too poetic that ur reply are poems…. gud sense of humor – i would say.. and with no doubt.. u r becoming a gr8 poet !! :) :)

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