Papa, I love you

I don’t know what blogadda is up to? Week after week, it’s driving me to the most beautiful memories, first my crush and now papa. But aha! I’m loving it!

I’m working on a very serious assignment that leaves me no second to spare, and strictly warned not to get consumed with this. But as you read, I am drowned. The topic is such!

Since I read this topic, I’ve been thinking about it. I didn’t want to eat up words in obvious things that my dad is best, very loving, extra caring, and always supportive, etc.  A tribute is to express my love for him, which more often than not remains unsaid. The best way to do so is to drive him along with me to this memory ride, which has always been so pleasant and hurdle-free because of him.

A father is the only human being whose hands, howsoever weak they become, will always hold you on your fall, and will always clap on your rise.

The name of my dad, Sandeep, means lighting the way, and I’ve no second thought in declaring that my dad truly lives by his name.

Many people say that when they first opened their eyes, they saw their dad staring at them with tears and excited heart. Must be true, but honestly I was a little too dumb to understand tears and excitement on my first day, though I myself was bawling.

I remember my early childhood through the exhaustive collection of shots my papa has beautifully captured, and every time when I admire these snaps, I could feel how rejoiced he was to see me for the first time, to embrace me in his arms, and to love me each and every moment. That’s an invaluable gift he has given to me which many of my friends could just dream of and envy.

These days he is extremely busy with his latest hobby of editing family functions videos for all the close relatives by plugging in nice songs and humorous punches, just to see them smiling. The passion he has for his hobbies is commendable. Even being so busy all seven days, he always has time for photography, video shooting, and gardening. This has always inspired me to do something not just for living but for happiness. And, I think he is the true inspiration behind my sketching and writing.

He knows the secret of finding happiness. One way is by celebrating all the occasions and successes, even the tiny ones. I still cherish my lavish birthday celebrations, few of the most beautiful in the town. The trendiest clothes, so much decoration, huge gathering with all friends and relatives, a scrumptious cake always in a new shape and flavour, the best was The 3D hut cake, and how could I forget those huge trays full of chocolates kept at every corner, for papa always knew my craziness for chocolates. Those were the times he truly gave me the regal experiences.

Even recently, he was so excited to celebrate my victory over a tough examination with all his cameras and lights on even at 2 in the night when I reached home. And, the way he feels proud telling my success story to relatives and his doctor friends makes me go for more and more.

He has given me so many pleasant surprises, and always kept his promises. That night I was excited to see the video game he promised me. Bell rang, I rushed to open the door, my eyes were searching for it, but his hands were empty. Upset, I moved towards my room when from my back he shouted, “Alright, then I’ll play alone tonight,” making me jump in delight.

He is a true motivator, and his patience level is way too high. It was my social science exam next morning and nothing was going in my mind, not even a single word. I was nervous, scared, and asked mom to take leave from exam. I was expecting a nice scolding, when papa gently asked “why?” “I’ll flunk.” He hugged me saying, “That’s ok even if you fail, no body would scold you I promise. Just try your best…Don’t run from it.” Those few words still soothe my mind in tough times and give me confidence to put my best foot forward.

In the first semester, when my attendance was short and my director called him in college, leaving his clinic, he had travelled around 4 hours to my college in bus, and listened to director harsh words about me. Even after that, he talked to me normally, without scolding. Today, I want to apologise for that and all the embarrassing moments I put him into. My failures have disappointed him, but he never showed his low feelings in any form, in fact always encouraged me to work harder, by keeping absolute faith and trust in me.

But he did scold me once. I remember that because that’s the only time till today he did so. I was too young and was doing something silly. He just frowned upon me and said something in an unexpected tone. I rushed to my room, with tears flowing. Upon coming back from his clinic, he came directly to see me. I’d decided not to talk, and he said “Whole day I wasn’t able to work…was just thinking about you. I’m sorry.” His eyes went wet and I just hugged him. Fathers of my male friends have scolded them more than once, I’m sure. So goes without saying, my papa is the best :-)

“Ayush, why don’t you shave properly? You must look like a son of a handsome dad.” This is his favourite dialogue whenever I visit home during vacations. He always wants his lazy goose son to wear the smart clothes and look good, even at home.

Once we were in market, he noticed me looking at a dashing goggles. The very next moment he bought that for me. I knew they were expensive and when I denied taking them, he said “why I work so hard, just for you…so have it.”

“In all my births, I want to become a doctor,” says my dad. He just loves what he does, serving people. And that was the reason he chose to establish a clinic in a suburb. He is an amazing doctor with some gifted diagnostic abilities. My grandma says he has inherited it from my grandma’s father, who was a very famous vaid of his times. After his hardship at clinic, he provides free consultation to the local people for two hours daily. Enjoy the work as your play, and you don’t have to work all your life. He truly adheres to it.

He can’t see anyone in pain, either it’s me, or family, or his patients, or even his plants. Sometimes I feel that he loves his patients and plants more than us, but of course that’s not true. I was in hostel and was a little unwell, and he just left everything and came to pick me up.

Under his shadow, I’ve always seen the bright and beautiful side of life. But, that harrowing incident of his abduction made me realize that the life is so dark without him being around.

Many people informed me that after abduction he might feel sacred if left alone even at home, or he might undergo depression of losing his life’s savings in ransom. I had plans of not leaving him alone even for a second, and would daily accompany him for morning walks. The fortunate night he came back, to everyone’s amazement, he was so calm and relaxed. He didn’t show any sign of depression and the very next morning he was on the terrace alone with his plants. That only shows his inner strength and mental perseverance. “When I was there, I was confident that Ayush will take care of the family…so I don’t have to worry about anything,” and he had tears in his eyes while saying this. The way he showed trust in me, I saw myself becoming serious and mature overnight.

The ease with which he handled the pain of the loss, the way he strictly denies any commission coming his way for the referred patients, the way he provides free medical consultation, the way he still spends so lavishly on every one of us, only made me learn that money is nothing in front of moral, values, and love.

“There is nothing more than love, a happy family, and a healthy life,” he always teaches me. I understand his wish to see his family together in good and bad times, when he says “Even if we won’t be able to live together after your marriages, we would always plan a week holiday every year,” and papa I promise you today, I’ll always love, respect, and honour you, whatsoever may come in way.

He always has a road fear owing to which he never rode even a bicycle in his life. But at the age of 50, he just proved Impossible is nothing by driving a car. This is truly remarkable.

He has a magnanimous and an egoless spirit any human being can possibly possess. My best friend and our driver literally say that he is God in human form. My best friend even confesses that he prays to have a father like him in his next birth. I’ve never seen my dad pointing finger on anyone. I’ve always seen him forgiving and even praising people whom any ordinary person supposedly hate. I don’t want to explicitly drive down to instances, but I’m sure he knows what I’m referring here. I feel proud when so many of our relatives say that he is a gentleman, always polite and sober. “Am I as good as papa?” Even my mom says “No. You are good but his nature is out of this world. You can’t be like him.” Sometimes I dislike that why he so easily forgive people who have done wrong with us, but somewhere deep inside I want to inculcate this quality, when I know I couldn’t ever. This makes my papa distinct :-)

I want to thank you papa for giving me this beautiful life and the best of everything, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart.

Papa, I love you :-)  

Wishing all the awesome fathers in this world a very Happy Father’s Day!


24 thoughts on “Papa, I love you

  1. I am spellbounded !!!… Impressive !!.. and more than that, it made me emotional too.. Very well written… Touchwood…

    — I’m working on very serious assignment that leaves me no second to spare, and I’m strictly warned not to get consumed with this —- Gud this stays n back of your mind.. better it be.. just coz of the topic you have spared this time :) :) :)

  2. awwww… u made me cry…
    u r among my fav writers now for sure..
    i knew dad was gud always.. and i always loved the way he loved you n entire family..
    it made me recall all the past stuff that we used to discuss abt the people whom u dont like but dad still forgives..
    that’s why mom says u are not like him..
    but i’m sure.. u will be no less than him one day..

  3. OMG!!! look at d way u have written…its really nice :)..n the best part is u hv maintain d flow very u hv become ma real inspiration(no 2nd thought) ..even i wanna write “TRIBUTE TO BRO”…

  4. Wow.. a very good flow of events .. a beautiful article ..
    That what dad’s do , its a pity we dont realise it at that moment.. and sometimes when we do its too late.. take us long to understand …

    All the best … and a VERY HAPPY Fathers Day … I guess a bit late but each day is fathers day .. when you go up to him , give him a hug and say i love you and thanks for all you ahve done :)

    1. Thanks Bikram for visiting and enjoying the post!!

      Indeed, they do a lot for us and most of the times we just don’t realise… and yeah, very true..each day is a loved one’s day :)

  5. hey bro, its amazing … I am really impressed.. Hats off to u .
    People ought to be told of the good work dat some people r doing quietly without jostling for rewards and recognition. keep it up

  6. It made me just stunned, my eyes full of tears & I was speechless.
    I’m so fortunate that God has blessed me, you, as my son. I think you have not been fair about your Dad. The truth is that I never took much of pain while bringing you up, regarding so many matters and most important is your schooling and honestly feel that could not contribute in making your career.
    Beyond any doubt, you have been an excellent writer.. Expressing your views in an impressive manner … compelling any one to read again & again, whatever you are writing, definitely you are doing all to make me feel proud of you.
    Chanakya said ” you are born without anything but you die with your name, so the name must not be only a word, it must be a history and always remember one thing that Failure is never final… so don’t stop efforts until your victory makes a History .
    Whatever you think about me, is though exaggerated but really touching deeply to my heart.
    Some time it may happen that my act or my words may hurt you in any way, but my heart always beats for my children, and it’s only a father who wishes that his son should be two inches higher than him.
    I wish you to be a great father more caring and loving than me, what I have not been, but promise to prove myself a better one if give me a chance in next birth.
    May your dreams come true. Always with love, love and love…………..sandeep.

    1. whoa papa… Its a delightful surprise to see such a long and touching comment from you :) Love you so much!!

      ” I never took much of pain while bringing you up” – You have done everything in your limits to give us a good, beautiful, and a secured life. So, the truth is you have done your best job, and I mean it.

      As a writer, I dont know what will I establish as this is just a start but ya i enjoy writing these days.

      “Some time it may happen that my act or my words may hurt you in any way” – The truth is that your don’t hurt me or anyone and howsoever I try I cudn’t be better than you as a person.

      Love you loads!

  7. Dear Ayush
    great work once again
    u made me cry..seriously………i mised my mom so much afer reading this. not that i dont miss her but today i regretted for not making her feel special n wanted when she was there.
    u have realised the greatness of parents even when u r still not a father.Hats off to u . we somehow take our parents n their lov for granted. infact i realised this when i became a mom myself that what sleepless nights my parents too must have gone through n what selfless love is all about .
    i miss telling all this to my mom -that she was the best n will be the best
    keep up the art of writing blooming n u have inspired me as well to bring the pen n paper together
    God Bless u always
    love u

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