What women want

The divine

“Why do boys have all the fun?” made quite a wave, making men raise their brows and women smile. This doesn’t remain unheard by anyone, and yes, it is true. Be it riding stylish fast bikes or enjoying late night parties. Be it living away from their home chasing dream jobs or talking naughty about guys in their hostel rooms or anything else that could be termed as fun, women want it all.

But the most important of all, women want utter respect and immense love. “Do you love me?” is their favorite question. To be loved by someone truly and like no body else, women secretly crave for – both physically and emotionally, and once found go extra mile to protect it. They are a princess inside and want to be treated like one: as a daughter, as a lover, as a wife, and as a mother, but prior to all as an individual.

Trust by their partner is what women demand and fidelity for them is what they inherit. They enjoy their space and freedom, but at the same time, when doing wild things expect a concern from their loved ones, else they ask in a mischievous tone “doesn’t it matter to you when I came late yesterday?”

They love flying free like a bird, to explore new things. “I want to watch that kind of movie,” they often tell their guy. Clubbing, partying, flirting around, fagging, boozing, et al they want to experience, but unlike men, they mostly know their limits.

They are confident to rub their shoulders against men’s in their professions but at the same time could easily sacrifice their career for a sweet secured family. They understand male ego, and never intend to have a status of a bread earner but always feel satiated by just being jam on that bread.

They love mirrors, and could spent hours in front of it. They are born gorgeous, and always want to look their best. “Baby, how I look?” is what you hear day in and day out, and the problem is that they don’t believe whatsoever you say. They are tagged shopaholics. “I spent almost all my salary in clothes and cosmetics,” many of my female friends say. Equally, they love appreciations and compliments, but only genuine ones and are good judges on that. Secretly, they love to glance at good looking guys and crave for their stares.

Diamonds are their best friends, but if they get upset, gifting even roses could do wonders. However tough they might seem, they all are dolls inside. They love surprises and romantic ones turn them on. They are very sensitive and always needs an emotional support. Many love to roam around with trendy guys, but mostly settle with mature and intelligent ones. Confidence and sense of humor turn them on, while they can’t stand cheapness.

They all are chatter boxes and could gossip non stop, even while sleeping. They are great lovers and get an immense pleasure in chatting with their guys after making love. That make them test the emotional side of their guy, I think. Some want a domineering guy with an attitude and some want a simple sober one, but all want who could stand with them in kitchen when they cook. “Can’t you stand with me instead of watching football,” my gal used to say when we were together.

They could make you weak on your knees falling for them and they could be your strength by supporting you at every steep step. They are powerful. They are beautiful. All in all they are the most divine and miraculous creation of nature, and deserve and want only the best for themselves and their loved ones.

This post has been written for “What women want” contest by blogadda and pringoo.


36 thoughts on “What women want

  1. Wowww … U kno so much abt women huh … Hehehe .. Fun apart.. Gud one .. Hmmm .. I can see yr writing skill is getting improved day by day.. Appreciated!!!! :)

  2. hey , “love mirrors, and could spent hours in front of it”
    really true.
    hw do u knw women soo much?
    well, nice piece of work.. u r very talented ..

  3. heyyyy…. beautiful piece of work.. I just love it… and i love it even more as even i m a PART of it… thanks…
    U really know Us better… Keep up the good work… just little more experience and i’m sure u’ll be able to write a book…
    Best luck ya….

    1. I hate to admit it but I think I agree on the points that you have written. Yes I think women need love and respect most importantly and they will actually be happy to make theie career a jam rather than a bread even if they have burned midnight oil in making their career.

      And yes, even a plain looking woman expects that her man considers her more beautiful than anybody. Yeah, I will grin if I am told that I have few things better than Madhuri Dixit ! Wow!
      And I will hate my boy if he tells me that he thinks somebody else has a better dressing sense than I.How could he say this?

      But try telling similar things to a man. He either wont get affected at all or react like a volcano. Atleast woman erupt for a very short duration and even a rose can calm them down. Try saying that Abhishek Bachchan is hottter and say that seriously…! You will see the repurcussions. Whatever women want – they are modest and adjusting! thats make them better than men. anyday!

      1. whoa, so here it is… and believe me, my smile is as wide as long is this comment :-) thanks for admitting it mukaam… n nobody gonna say anything abt ur dressing sense as it is pretty gud :)

        and i cud refer ur comment for what men want in future ;) but see someone comparing men and women huh? well i dont wanna get into it :D

        Thanks alot for posting ur comment :)

  4. Finally a guy is admitting he knows what women want.

    Sadly I disagree on many points. Not all women are narcissistic, I know quite a few women who prefer solitude to mindless chatter.

    But your girl will love you for this post. Who doesn’t like being called a miracle :)

    1. hey Purba, thanks for reading :)

      u disagree?
      now dats the reason guys say we dont know what they want… bcoz gals dont agree to watever we say ;-)
      i never said they are narcissistic. and who said they are mindless chatters. I just feel they are chatters :) moreover watever is written is in a lighter note and cudn’t be generic… the gals i’ve met or known mostly belong to what I decribed :-)

  5. Hahahaha. The post is nice! Although, at least in my case, most of it is untrue :P
    All the best with the contest. :)

    And thanks for leaving a comment on my post.

  6. Don’t give her diamonds,don’t give her the roses even….Have faith in her,love her ,respect her …Give her the position according to the relation…I think she deserves at least this much..
    Anyways nice post….All the best for the contest….

  7. man…u r gonna get so many brownie points for this one…i cudnt stop sniggering….i wud like to see u take this subject up in another 10 years…hell, noone can figure a woman out…they themselves cant…

  8. hmmm…you make us sound like such paragons of love…did you miss the part about women being as unpredictable as the weather itself, blowing hot or cold – so often no one has the measure of what they want except themselves of course..;) Good post, enjoyed reading it…

  9. I loved your first crush post.. but this is plain ‘kiss ass’ yaar Ayush.. :D

    I mean both the genders have their specific traits and specialities, and you should have highlighted theirs.. I agree with @Purba’s comment..

    WTF is my honest opinion.. :P I believe in both genders are equal and have their own specialities

  10. Nicely written ayush. I loved the way you highlighted the contradictions that actually form a woman. Most of the guys hate it but this piece was done in a real appreciative way  Gals do ask how they look, and expect the exact answer that they want to hear….we are a funny, bizarre specie….but great beings too   

  11. Must say…keen power of observation and analysis. And nicely put into words.
    Each every bit is very very true…your post will certainly make every women think about herself.
    As someone has said “women…the most beautiful creation of God”. Right??????

    1. Thanks a lot suestopford. You are the first one finding my two posts worthy to be reblogged. Thanks a lot for that. And I read your blog and simply love your attitude and confidence.

      1. thanks for that…..really love getting my thoughts out there and trying to make some things in life normal rather than odd or different. You are an amazing writer.

  12. hi,

    i was searchin for some wedding invitation text…n as u know goole is our reliable partner in searchin i ended it on ur blog..n dn i just realised u from meerut…dt mk me more keen to read further….amazing, u really wrote well…all d best for further creations.

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