The title of this post is the name of one of the five serials telecasted under YRF (Yash Raj Films) television. I believe quite a few of you have heard about it, if not seen, and if you are my family or any of my close friends, you must have seen and loved it after my continuous exhilaration about it :-)

Yash Raj Films joined hands with Sony entertainment television and it was indeed a big news, and though I have always loved watching 24 and Prison break seasons non-stop back to back, I confess my ignorance on that news as I’m not much into hindi soaps and serials.

It was just another night few months back, when I was wandering aimlessly from my living room to kitchen to balcony to my drawing room. My brother was off to sleep as usual at 11 pm i.e. 3 hours from then. Yeah, you calculated it right; it was 2 am ;-) and I happened to switch on my television, when first time rishtha.com caught my eyes. I can’t explain in technical terms what I found so different in that first glance, but it was something new, fresh, something out of the usual league, and I watched repeated telecasts till 5 am. I thoroughly enjoyed it and next few nights watched all its previous videos from Sony official site.

rishtha.com is a story of two friends, Isha Mirchandani and Rohan Mehra, who have started a marriage bureau (rishtha.com) few years back and their business is rapidly growing. Both are rich in their late twenties completely enjoying their life, but are totally opposite in every aspect and always keep fighting, though mostly friendly fights. Isha is very sophisticated, beautiful, mature, and intelligent woman who believes in pure love, healthy life, and perfect work, whereas Rohan is a stylish hunk who is flirtatious, plays around, lazy goose who loves coming late to office, but a very good friend. The other two characters, Huzaifa Ali, CEO of rishtha.com, a fatty guy whose only love in life is his work, and Ruchika, PR head, who is ultra modern, very sexy and stylish women who has a huge history of boy friends. All four of them are real good friends. The other evident characters are Isha’s widowed dad, his girl friend Naina, and Rohan’s brother who has left his highly paid job to become Yoga instructor.

Now in each episode, rishtha.com people meet new clients and a part of story revolves around these clients’ lives and part around these main characters’ lives, and their family and friendship, but the actual magic is how in the end of each episode the stories get intermingled somehow giving a subtle message about love, life, human behaviour et al. And episode after episode the story is touching almost all aspects of human life, nature, and feelings such as loneliness, infidelity, friendship, love, lust, et al in a very beautiful and catchy way.

rishtha.com brings a breath of fresh air giving break from those regular saas-bahu or politics driven soaps. But sadly last week, the last episode of season 1 was telecasted, and the last scene was Isha and Rohan falling in love. Now I’m desperately waiting for season 2. No idea when it’s scheduled to be telecasted. Just wish to see new episodes soon.


8 thoughts on “rishtha.com

  1. Hey.. Ayu…
    I was indeed waiting for this post.. Don’t knw how i knew tht u’ll write sumthng related to Rishta.com
    Anyways.. needless to say.. very well written..
    I’ve been watching the other daily soap by YRF ie, MAHI WAY.. its fantabulous..
    Season 1 one MAHI WAY has also ended.. waiting for it desperately..
    Forgive me for deviating from the topic.. ;) :)
    waise i know why u really liked Rishta.com..??
    good job… !!!!

    1. hey thanks Shrema! I din know you were waiting for this post and how wud u know i’ll write on this, huh :)

      I’ve never seen any other serial by YRF but i ve heard a lot about Mahi Way.. and i like rishtha.com more bcoz of how it story touches me than bcoz of that gal ;-)

  2. Oh ya.. i have heard a lot about this one from you, though i have not watched even single episode and here comes the reason for your sleepless nights :) :)… Haaa dont tell me that they ended up the season with the “same old”- “typical” falling in love blah blah.. thats not a gr8 news… :) :) .. huh..

    Coming to ur writing skills… as usual … gud one.. well written.. see i got to know and understood the story from ur post.. Gr8 writing !!

    1. Hey chargal, thats not the only reason for my sleepless nights ;) N ya even though it was it sounds like a typical ending but the way story was going and the way they fell was kinda fresh..

      Thanks!! now u shud watch it as well :)

  3. I will always remember the last time we talked about Rishta.com…that you want to become a writer like the writer of rishta.com…..I think you will and in fact better than you think you can become…you have great imagination skills…and you should write fiction more often…Long time haven’t read any…

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