she, in my dreams

not the only beautiful in her gang of girls, she always stand apart
without even noticing me once, she makes me feel gaga
told my best friend that i am into her, are you nuts he replied
thats the magic, i see nothing in her front
and with my eyes open, I dream about her
but she never bothers, she has her own world

atleast mondays earlier were lively, in between chats she sent me songs
all days now are dull and boring, with no hiees no repsonse
dont know her work keeping her busy, or it is something else
whatever it is, makes me depress
my eyes awaits her message, heart for a special cord
but she never bothers, she has her own world

now i decided not to ping her, nor to even say hiee
not to look at her, even when i know she is there
sure my ignoring will go unnoticed, but i can do what else
still my heart skips a beat, when i have her glance
and funny still i wait near, for her to see me and smile
but she never bothers, she has her own world

i smile in my dreams, my brother tells me
even he knows, she daily comes over
in her floral pink dress, she sits beside me
looks deep in my eyes, with hers ocean blue
last night i remember she bent to kiss me, did she really
stop smiling in sleep, he mischievously woke me
i was still smiling, wishing my dream to come true
but she never bothers, she has her own world

i am happy with my dreams, atleast in them she is mine
she responds to me, laughs on my smile
wears my gifted dress, strolls at beach with me
she dines with me, with glass of champagne in her hand
and comes in my arms, loves me all night
she breathes for me, she lives for me
in dreams she bothers, in them she shares my world


5 thoughts on “she, in my dreams

  1. Awesome… how come everytime u write something and i can say nothing less than “It’s Awesome”.. U can go head with publishing a book- a compilation of ur stories and poems.. It’ll be a best seller for sure… :)

  2. @ Ash: Thanks buddy for leaving a comment. Keep coming back!

    @ Day Dreamer: Thanks so much for liking the poem.

    @ Anonymous: Thanks Nishtha. Your comment made me chuckle :) Love you!

    @ Shrema: You and your comments always motivate me. Be my reader always!

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