The Morning and Myself

The Morning and Myself

The Morning is His favorite child,
Magical to bring back
Life into action,
And gives me a reason to start
With all my hopes alive.

The dawn beats the darkness
With a single white ray,
As my heart kills any inside devil
With a pure thought
On my morning walk way.

In the presence of the Morning
Becomes clear and calm
Even the violent black sea,
My eyes adores His manifested creation
He has started filling colors again
Now I can see.

Dewdrops star on leaves
Clean breeze flows free,
Birds dance in the flock
And trees go on a swinging spree,
Just the expression is different
Actually Nature is smiling with me.

With the rising Morning
I Feel the warmth
The Sun reduces cold,
The evil thoughts are dead
Inside resides me again
My cleansed soul.

And in its freshness
Silence prevails
The peace transcends beyond,
My heart and mind are in sync
And I feel with myself
The supreme bond.

– Ayush

One of my friends just asked me to put my name with the poem, else few might wonder that the poem is copied. I took this as a huge compliment and here goes my name with the poem ;-) So, people this poem is whole and sole my creation and its copyrights stay with me!


12 thoughts on “The Morning and Myself

  1. Nice use of words but still nothing more than words.
    This poem is missing a soul.
    I don’t know whether poet is taking a morning walk and see things as he passes by or just adding different aspects of a beautiful hilly morning in different paragraphs in with different words.

    None the less keep writing…

    1. Thanks Anonymous for stopping by and writing a long comment. I tried to convey how I feel when I get up early to admire a morning ;) But, appreciate your honest thoughts. Will try for better next time. Keep visiting :)

  2. Dude.. Even if u have posted it without ur name.. i wud have make out that its ur composition. But i must say.. every time u post something.. it’s amazing and a treat for the readers. The description of how u feel when u get up early in morning…is just beautiful. Looking forward to more of the poems from u.. Try writing on dawn now.. :)

  3. mesmerizing and deeply beautiful…!! enjoyed reading your poetic reflection of something as simple and lovely as a new morning! niceeee.. :)

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