Tagline and the biggest news

Since the birth of my blog, I’ve posted few of my stories,  poems, portraits and sketches. I was admiring my blog today (ahh, I love to do so and feel contend to see the traffic increasing. This is the only traffic in entire world I love to see increasing ;-)) and suddenly I saw my blog’s tagline – ‘Just trying to word my world’. Obviously, that was not the first time I was seeing this tagline (after all its my blog and my tagline) but a thought crossed that does the content on my blog really goes along with this tagline? Though my blog represents a little personal and a little creative side of me, but still remains far from my actual world. So, the answer was No!

So, I should either change this tagline to something like ‘My creative shadow’ or ‘Art I said’ or start wording my world to some extent (of course, to some extent. I can’t tell you all ;-)). I decided to go with the latter for two reasons. I feel to pen down some of the happenings in my life and share them with fellow bloggers and my readers. Second, I love my tagline and in no mood to change it yet! Ahh, ‘my world in ink and graphite’ just clicked me as a nice one. Well, might think later about it ;-)

So let me begin with sharing the biggest News: I am getting married in this December to the love of my life. Her name is Isha. We got engaged just a few days back after some struggling weeks, emotional moments and tough decisions, received a lot of lovely comments on Facebook, surprised a few of my friends (mostly females ;-)), still distributing Delhi sweets in my Bangalore office (my office people love sweets from North India) and last friday she flew down to Bangalore from Delhi to transform me into a crazy shopaholic for two days (and yeah, for her shopaholic is a small word ;-)). I am enjoying each and every bit of it and I know there is a lot more to come!!!

And hey, I just had Déjà vu while writing the title for this post. See, I felt to share this as well ;-)


2 thoughts on “Tagline and the biggest news

  1. Hey, i admire your blog too.. and i m sure not only u and me but there would be oodles of readers who admire ur blog and wait for ur posts.. even if there’s something personal posted by u.. i just love the way u write and express.. i wish i could also write that good (guess that’s why i never blogged).. and yes ur roka must have been a shocking news for many.. but not for me.. :) all the best.. and never lose the charm u have in ur writing.. :)

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