Like HER, give chance to your DREAMS to FLY!

Many of us, times and again, have that dream to take our hobbies or interests to the next level, but then before any action we suppress that feeling by rather stronger feelings – it’s too late to switch careers now or it’s too risky to make name or living out of a hobby. 

But then among us is Srikala, my technology project manager, who last week left her blooming career of 12 years to go after her passion of becoming a painter. Knowing her for three years and  seeing her artistic skills, I am sure she doesn’t need luck to succeed, but I’m still writing this note to wish her all the luck and more importantly fun for her exciting new journey. I’ve utmost respect for her zeal and passion. Hope she’ll make it large, and inspire us to believe in our dreams and give them at least a chance to fly.

I happened to visit an exhibition in Key West with my wife, Isha. The paintings were simply mind-blowing. The artist was there, painting LIVE in front of the invitees, showing his brilliant skills. He obviously didn’t notice us because he didn’t know us. And, I mentioned to Isha that very soon we will be visiting a similar exhibition with the par excellent paintings, and the artist of that exhibition will surely notice us.  I am keenly waiting for that exhibition Srikala.

As a manager motivating me always with a smile, as a mentor telling me where I need to improve, as a friend always praising my blog posts and portraits, or as a painter I just met in that painting class, Srikala you are simply charismatic and I am sure you will always leave a positive impact wherever you go!

I wish you all the very best to come out shining in the world of art.

Keep in touch!


6 thoughts on “Like HER, give chance to your DREAMS to FLY!

  1. I love this post!!! I love it when I hear people have the courage to take their passion on a journey because it is courageous and brave. My sideline is a small greeting card business that ticks alongside my real life as a teacher but it nurtures my soul to complete orders and paint all day instead of doing housework!!!

    My other passion is helping other women become happy being single. I have chosen to be single and society just loves to play with my head about it if I let it. is my way of talking about it and hopefully inspiring others just to follow their bliss but most important, just be happy being alone.

    Your post today is just lovely and you obviously care for her very much.

    Ciao for now

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