The law of attraction and my US stay

YES, it worked for me. The law of attraction actually worked for me. WOW! It’s real and now I aspire to make it work for my bigger dreams! And well, it worked for me…so it could for work for you as well.

I am sure you must know what I am talking about. Because “The law of attraction” is not a secret anymore…it is revealed by “The Secret”. Thanks to Rhonda Byrne. Millions of people across the globe have experienced miracles in their lives following this law and its secret. Well if you are not in those millions of people, I recommend you to know The Secret. 

I would have been in India now, I am not…I am writing this post sitting in my cozy apartment on 6 Danforth Road in US. So, here’s want happened:

Well coming to US was always one of my dreams. I know it sounds a little childish since these days every other person from software industry is coming to US for work. Thanks to globalisation. The world is getting flat as they call it.

In my case, it took a little long. After waiting for seven years, I came to US on a work assignment in mid 2011 till June 30th 2012. And since it was one of my dreams, I fell in love with the country. But as my end date was approaching, the feeling to stay more in US was getting rooted. I started thinking that I am going to stay in US much longer. I shared the same with my US Director in April 2012 and he pulled some strings to extend my stay till December 2012. I was very excited but suddenly, some issues arose back in my India team because of which my extended stay got cancelled. It was very disappointing but somehow I always had this believe that I am not going back on June 30th.

Then, in early June a new US Vice President took over our group and he showed his willingness to have me stay back till December 2012. It again got finalized and I was verbally conveyed that I am not going back till end of the 2012. But this time I wanted the written confirmation. But again some misunderstanding happened between my India and US group, and on 20th June, just 10 days before my departure date, the extended stay was again cancelled and I’d to go back on the same 30th June – and this time it’s final and couldn’t be changed. I remember when my US Director was conveying this disheartening news to me, I knew it is just 10 days and now it is over. It is impossible that my stay would extend by any chance now in such a short timeframe. The case was closed. But still my thoughts were – ‘It will still happen. I am staying back in US beyond June 2012’. Though at that time I didn’t know – How it will happen?

My wife and I started packing our stuff and suddenly I asked her to check our 30th June air tickets to confirm the time. She logged in to the British Airways website and guess what tickets were not there. We were completely shocked. Never in our wildest dreams I thought that British Airways could cancelled our tickets without any warning or notification. Next afternoon, my wife called British Airways customer care and yes, they actually did cancel our tickets and put it on us that we requested a cancellation. The most weirdest thing we ever expected. And then they informed that they can’t help us in anyways. The only option is to buy new tickets which were 5 times expensive (approx 1.3 lacs per person) than the one those stupid people cancelled. My wife got so scared and tensed to cry. I went home early and called customer care several times. Same cold response. (I am going to share the further details of this “unfortunate” experience with British Airways in my next post, this post is for the “fortunate” experience with the law of attraction).

So, finally I informed my US director about this unfortunate incident. And he calmly said – “okay let’s extend your US stay for 2 months. By then the air tickets price would also go down, so you could afford them. Also we will reconsider your situation to extend further.” I didn’t believe my ears. That unfortunate event was actually a miracle which actually did what I really wanted to happen – to stay in US beyond June 2012. At that time I didn’t know how it would happen but see it made its way and I am still in US writing this post. Though I’d to spent around $1200 more from my pocket for the new air tickets for which I’ve filed a complaint against british airways for compensation, but most importantly I am still in US and my dream for further extension is still alive (and I will let you know when the law of attraction will work again :-)).

I called my wife to tell – Baby, The Secret is no more a secret now…It actually worked for us. INCREDIBLE! 


8 thoughts on “The law of attraction and my US stay

  1. I came to know about the “Secret” when I saw the book in my friends place. I took it from him and read it several times and he decided to gift the book to me. I believe in the power of dreams. I am sure whatever we dream will come true. If you dream about staying in US, then definitely it will happen.

  2. I have heard about the book ‘The power of One’ which is based on positive thinking and it was a big hit.Now, this ‘Secret’ is another new book for me….I wanna read i I may try to make my dreams come true :)

    1. Thanks for visiting by my blog uma :) The secret is the first book in the series which tells you the basic concept direct from the followers and teachers of the secret all over the world. Its sequel is The power followed by The magic. I recommend to read all three of them and try to follow them :)

  3. Nice one dude. fortune favors :)
    Wonderful summer is on here and god wanted u guys to enjoy it ;) Awesome

    Did BA guys get back to u???

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