On New Year 2016 Eve, I Promise to Myself


New Year is all about new hopes. To start new innings. To make new promises. To shape our lives better than before. And to believe in the possibilities unlimited.

As 2016 dawn upon us, with new hopes and firm beliefs, I promise to myself.

Exercise: My biggest goal in 2016 to shed extra fat and get into a leaner body. I promise to myself to do running, cross-fit exercise and yoga on alternate days, five days a week.

Healthy diet: I promise to myself to say a big NO to all the junk I eat like chocolates, cheese, nachos, beer, etc. But for all practical reasons I am going to keep one cheat day a week to fully surrender myself to my taste buds. This actually works – I tried this for 40 days in 2015 and I lost 6 kg. Read about my experience here.

Reading: I read 10 books in 2015. I promise to myself to read 15 books in 2016.

Writing: I wrote 2 short stories (2500 words each) in 2015 as a part of Write India contest campaigned by TOI. I promise to myself to write two blogs every month in 2016.

Family: I promise to myself to spend more time than I did last year with my family and friends, and make more beautiful & everlasting memories with them.

Consulting/Product Management: I promise to myself to master consulting/product management skills in 2016.

Wish you all a very Wonderful and Promising New Year 2016!!!

I'll love to know what you think about this post. Leave your thoughts below.

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