Real Life and Dream Life


Real Life:

  • Snooze morning alarm multiple times
  • Postpone exercise for evening
  • Beat traffic to work
  • Meet not-so-likable people for not-so-required discussions
  • Execute someone else’s projects
  • Drink numerous cups of coffee to get the engine running
  • Beat traffic back to home
  • Postpone exercise for next morning
  • Exhausted, spend time with family
  • Sleep late scrolling news feed and watching web series
  • Live weekend to weekend
  • Happy on Thurusday evening, weekend is coming
  • Sad on Sunday evening, weekend already over, spent on chores
  • Wait desperately for month end paycheck
  • Hope for an annual raise and next-to-impossible promotion, thinking life would get better
  • Hustle 2x to secure promotion, and 4x after promotion
  • Plan for once-a-year family vacation
  • Repeat the cycle for next 30 years
  • Retire at 65 and finally have freedom to enjoy life

Dream Life:

  • Wake up after 7 hours of sound sleep without an alarm
  • Practice gratitude and visualization
  • Prepare kids to school
  • Exercise or go for running
  • Read an inspiring book
  • Promote and sell your product online
  • Meet potential prospects and valuable clients
  • Write for few hours
  • Spend quality time with family
  • Dinner with family or close friends or valuable clients
  • Check today’s sales
  • Promote and sell somemore
  • Write or read somemore before hitting bed
  • Everyday is a weekend
  • Plan for multiple mini-retirements every year
  • Explore the world
  • Repeat the cycle for rest of the life
  • Never retire and enjoy life to the fullest

Which life are you living, huh!!?


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