Only true friends would do this…

After making a mistake of coming back to US alone without Isha and Kiaan, I was sitting alone in my living room, three pints down, feeling lonely, missing my family… when Tyagi called.

“Dude, you back?”


“What doing?”

“Getting bored, alone.”


“Isha and Kiaan will join after 3 weeks”

“Come over here.”

“What will we do there?”

“True, it’s kinda suburb. I should come over there then.”

“Cool, here we can have fun in NYC.”

“Hmm, let me check flights.”

“Awesome, but check with your wife and kids first.”

After few minutes…

“Okay, I am booking fights tickets for tomorrow.”


“Will come back to family by 31st noon.”

“Awesome, man! Send me flight details, I’ll pick you up.”

“Sure. See you tomorrow, bro!”


I picked him up from Newark airport on 28th Dec 10 am and dropped him back on 31st Dec 10 am. And we had all the boyzzzz fun you can wildly imagine. wink! wink!

I don’t have lot many friends but I am proud of the ones I have. They are not just for namesake. They actually care. And this is what true friends do. Thanks Tyagi for being one of them!

At Times square NYC

A trigger is required to form a new habit


I want to get rid of my double chin. Yeah, sadly I have it. And I read somewhere that chewing gum for an hour everyday helps reduce that bad ugly fat hanging down the chin hiding the neck (okay, that’s exaggerated…)

So I bought a big pack of sugar free gum and started chewing. In excitement to get a chiseled jawline asap, I chewed continuously for several hours to an extent that after 3 days I found my jaw hurting and I had to stop it completely. After around 2 weeks I realized I forgot to had even a single gum. I resumed but again fell short after a few.

Then I decided that as soon as I would get in the car I would unpack one in my mouth and spit it as soon as I would leave the car (of course in the bin). I drive almost an hour everyday and the problem was solved by itself.

Now I am chewing gum everyday for an hour for last one month without even thinking about it and without getting my jaw hurt. Getting in my car was a “trigger” that worked for me to eventually form this “new habit”.

And about my double chin, that’s a separate thing.

Real Life and Dream Life


Real Life:

  • Snooze morning alarm multiple times
  • Postpone exercise for evening
  • Beat traffic to work
  • Meet not-so-likable people for not-so-required discussions
  • Execute someone else’s projects
  • Drink numerous cups of coffee to get the engine running
  • Beat traffic back to home
  • Postpone exercise for next morning
  • Exhausted, spend time with family
  • Sleep late scrolling news feed and watching web series
  • Live weekend to weekend
  • Happy on Thurusday evening, weekend is coming
  • Sad on Sunday evening, weekend already over, spent on chores
  • Wait desperately for month end paycheck
  • Hope for an annual raise and next-to-impossible promotion, thinking life would get better
  • Hustle 2x to secure promotion, and 4x after promotion
  • Plan for once-a-year family vacation
  • Repeat the cycle for next 30 years
  • Retire at 65 and finally have freedom to enjoy life

Dream Life:

  • Wake up after 7 hours of sound sleep without an alarm
  • Practice gratitude and visualization
  • Prepare kids to school
  • Exercise or go for running
  • Read an inspiring book
  • Promote and sell your product online
  • Meet potential prospects and valuable clients
  • Write for few hours
  • Spend quality time with family
  • Dinner with family or close friends or valuable clients
  • Check today’s sales
  • Promote and sell somemore
  • Write or read somemore before hitting bed
  • Everyday is a weekend
  • Plan for multiple mini-retirements every year
  • Explore the world
  • Repeat the cycle for rest of the life
  • Never retire and enjoy life to the fullest

Which life are you living, huh!!?