Hindi #2 – रोज़ की भाग दौड़


दर-पे-दर ज़िंदगी गुज़रती चली गयी रोज़ की भाग दौड़ मे,

ए-काश ठहर कर सोच लिया होता की चाईए क्या था|

Hindi #1 – टूटना


घड़ी घड़ी गुस्से में बोल दिया करते थे

की रिश्ता तोड़ देंगे,

जब एक दिन वो छोड़ कर चली गयी

तब समझ में आया की टूटना होता क्या है|

Flashback Friday #7 – A Poem for My Grandma



In the special corner of my heart

My Grandma you reside,

And you will always live there

Till my heart beats beside;

The blanket of your love

I feel blessed to grew up under,

Reason my childhood memories are so beautiful

Because you are the part of them I ponder;

Even though you lost your father

At such an early age of two,

But you still learned all the family values

And ingrained them in me too;

Grandma, I am yet to find

A calm, sensible and learned person as you are,

If I manage to inculcate just a bit of you

In life I would go really far;

You are so modern for your age

And understand the generation gaps so well,

Makes me wonder are you really that old

Or it’s just your wrinkled skin and gray hair create an illusionary tale;

I remember when every adult used to scold us kids

For making ruckus in the house and noise,

“Adults forget they used to do the same themselves”

You always whispered softly never once raising your voice;

When my school notes used to go missing as usual

Grandma, you were my friend in crime,

Helped me secretly in preparing my notes again

Always saved me from mommy’s time;

I loved my summer vacations more

Just because I could spend more time with you,

For learning, drawing, reading, writing

And sometimes flying kites too;

Listening invaluable life’s lessons

While sleeping in your lap,

I have learned so much from you

I can’t ever repay or even keep a tab;

Like, money is surely important in life

And one must earn in abundance,

But never take wrong short cuts for it

Just believe in your skills and keep your patience;

Like, this world is full of different characters

Everyone in their own way right,

Don’t burn yourself trying to keep everyone happy

Let some weird ones go and keep your close knit tight;

Grandma, can’t imagine my life without you

I feel dreaded to even think about anything wrong,

But I am sure your blessings will always shine on me

And in my smallest of success you will always sing your melodious song;

And I say again, in the special corner of my heart

My Grandma you reside,

And you will always live there

Till my heart beats beside;


Flashback Friday #6 – Special Bond

Pankaj, Lucerne, 2013
We share a special bond

I can’t label

Is it friendship

Or is it brotherhood

I just can’t label

We were not in touch for years

But I stayed at your place like I belonged there

We talk once in a year or twice

But I always feel connected to you

We have age difference

But our frequency matches

I feel the happiness in your heart

When I share my little successes with you

I still laugh remembering your jokes

Your poems and paintings still inspire

And your Raclette cheese dinner is still fresh in memory

Is it friendship

Or is it brotherhood

I just can’t label

Let’s just say it’s a special bond which demands no label

It’s honest

It’s respectful

And it simply exists

Just like the blue sky and the wet ocean

The train called life…


sitting comfortably in a train

enjoying nice book and starbucks coffee

i mostly don’t notice

the people

standing or passing by

don’t even care

how crowded is the train

it’s when i’ve to stand

holding the railing

rubbing shoulders

i take notice

feel the struggle

the effort

to balance the feet

in that fast moving train


to reach the destination

without falling…

…is life any different?

Flashback Friday #5 – Friendship

hanging out in hyderabad almost seven years ago

we don’t talk

for weeks


when we do

we laugh

not smile

not giggle


like literally

our hearts out

till stomach hurts

we laugh



fills us


the next few weeks

to go