Tragic – 55 Fiction

With moist eyes, he left house, never to come back. She was sobbing beside the window, knowing today it’s over.

Blankly, he drove for hours to reach the place. But today in that crowd, he felt so alone. He closed eyes to see her beautiful face but saw who trained him. And he pressed.


The beautiful moment – 55 Fiction

 His hands were shivering when he took her in his arms. She was looking like an angel. Gently, he kissed her. That was their first meet, for which he was desperately waiting, and wanted the moment to stay.

Suddenly, his mom entered. She approached them with filled eyes.

“She looks just like you,” she rejoiced.

Somewhere, when it gets dark – 55 Fiction

Sunlight went dim. Her room was messy dark. Even after that late nap, her body was aching. She wished lying, but had work. So, dragged herself for hot bathe. She wore pungent perfume, dark lipstick with mascara. Her eyes had dying glitter, and lips fake smile.

When someone screamed, “come down, your customer is here.”

The Goddess – 55 Fiction

Exhausted, she dropped herself at broken door, and pulled 80 rupees from her muddy blouse. She wept gazing at Goddess picture, next to ailing husband. 320 more needed for his medicines.

A 500 note fell from a man passing by. She noticed and grabbed it inside. Looked again at Goddess, “Sahibji*, your 500,” she cried. 



Her call at 23:45 – 55 Fiction

My first 55 Fiction work. What’s 55 Fiction?

Since morning, he was staring his cell, waiting desperately. To say, “Baby, you’r my life.”

Finally at 23:45, he exulted to see her name.

“Yash, I want to say…I’m seeing someone. It’s over between us,” her voice had a pinch of guilt.

He was staring again. The name was gone. There was a tear then.