Introducing Kiaan (daddy blog post 1)


You are the most precious gift to us who promoted us in life from wife & husband to mommy & daddy!

Your mommy & daddy stole each other’s hearts but never thought their hearts would be stolen again on 28th May by such a cute little man!

You are just five days old and learning ways of life, and your mommy & daddy are learning along with you: lullaby melodies, power naps, surviving sleep deprivation and most importantly unlimited & unconditional love!

You are a Grace of God to us, and that’s why we call you – KIAAN!

Again among Top 10 winners in Write India contest

I  feel so overwhelmed for making it to the Top 10 winners for the second time in a row in Write India contest. This was my second story for this contest and I am so glad it also made its way to the winner’s list. So grateful!

Thank you Mishti Jain and Shekhar Ghalot for brainstorming the plot with me. It was so much fun. And thank you Isha for brainstorming, editing, improvising the scenes, proofreading and more proofreading and most importantly keeping me motivated to write.


Valentine’s day special

So I called to let her know I will be late in office today. I lied. But I did reach home late.

At midnight, I surprised her with beautiful card which was perfectly hidden beneath my pillow. I wrote few lines in that:

You smile, I smile

You cry, I also do

On this valentines my love, I promise

I will live for your happiness

And breathe my entire life with you

She was indeed happy to see that. I am sorry baby I wanted to buy flowers also but didn’t get any time, you know, I said with sad face. No need baby, this card is so special.

In a while, she opened the microwave to prepare some late night snack, but jumped to see a red rose inside. Baby, when you got these flowers? What flowers, I don’t know. And I blinked.  

Okay, there is one more gift waiting for you. Please tell me no where she said excitedly. Search for it. And she looked at every corner but didn’t find. Okay, a hint, in the kitchen. She looked in the refrigerator and finally in the fourth attempt found a white pup hiding behind a bottle. She was mesmerized.

Gifts over, okay, I smiled. Thank you so much baby. You made it so special.

She woke me up for office when from inside my cozy blanket I said it is too hot in here why don’t you switch on the AC. She looked surprised but came back running with another card she found lying over the AC. This one is so darn cute! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

Please tell me all other gifts. I hope there are no more, right. Obviously, this one was the last.

Around 3, she called me all excited…when did you buy and hide all these gifts…she asked after discovering a heart-shaped chocolate box beside the other snacks on our kitchen side table. I was enjoying to see her so happy. Okay, now that was finally the last one. You liked my surprises? I just loved them. And in the evening, we will go out to your favorite Mexican restaurant. Wow.

We were getting ready for our romantic dinner, when she usually asked which pendant to wear. I don’t know. She asked again. I really don’t know. But, one of the dinning chairs might know. She looked puzzled for a second and rushed. Swarovski necklace was shinning there. 

And, I used to think I am no romantic.


This is how I invited my friends for my wedding

After three and a half months of marriage, while scrolling down to my old e-mails, I happened to jump over my wedding invitation I sent to my close friends.

Feel like sharing!


Dear Friends,

I won’t be bachelor anymore in a few days. You understand the gravity right!!!

My parents are really elated about this happening and to express their immense happiness, they are throwing a grand party named ”Ayush and Isha wedding ceremony” on 18th December, 2011 at S.G.M Gardens, Meerut. I will be delighted to have you at this auspicious ceremony to shower your love, blessings and yes, genuine support, so try not to give me that ek-aur-bakra-katta stares and smiles at the party, alright ;)

Before my d-day, they are giving me one “jaa-ji-le-apni-zindagi” type of day which happens on 17th December, on which I would love to enjoy my last bachelorhood moments dancing and drinking with you all. On the same day, after I’ll be drunk, they are planning to have our wedding rings exchanged. You know what I mean.

Scanned Card having details of both the ceremonies is enclosed in the mail. Just confirm you are coming single, with spouse, with boy friend, with girl friend or with girl friends. I would prefer the last option for 17th ;-) Accordingly I will make arrangements for your stay. And after admiring the invitation, kindly click on the reply button to acknowledge it ;)

So, be there guys! I am looking forward to your presence!




Some of my friends’ responses:

‘creative invitation. loved it!’

‘enjoyed reading it. will surely be there and give those looks :-)’

‘very toughful. well written!’

Tragic – 55 Fiction

With moist eyes, he left house, never to come back. She was sobbing beside the window, knowing today it’s over.

Blankly, he drove for hours to reach the place. But today in that crowd, he felt so alone. He closed eyes to see her beautiful face but saw who trained him. And he pressed.


Lady Luck

Change is the only thing that is certain in life, long time back I heard or read it I don’t remember. But, I do remember that I didn’t believe it then, for my life was a constant. Like a line with an HB pencil: straight, plain and without shades. Just a simple boring line.

I was getting up at 10:30 in the morning, working in office from 11:30 to 8, having lunch at 1:15, coffee at 4, popcorn at 6 and dinner back home at 8:30 while watching tv, talking long distance to Isha (my girl friend then, now fiancée) while walking in the balcony, convincing her that we would be together and getting tensed myself that how would we be, coming back to my messy room and studying for my examination till 4 in the morning, having cold drink and namkeen in between and finally, crashing to get up again at 10:30.

No change. No variable. Only constant.

And a few months earlier, I heard my mom saying something about Lady Luck which means a woman brings luck and changes your life but I didn’t believe that as well. Indian moms generally say this to get their 28 years old sons to get them married ;-)

Then one fine day I got engaged to Isha.

The very next morning, an email was waiting for me in my official mailbox to inform me that my very long-awaited US Visa has been processed successfully. My manager gave me an exciting news that I am hand-picked by the US manager to work with them in US for a few months. After a few weeks I flew to meet Isha and we had the best of the times. First time we met in zero-tension air with no discussion on our future, for we both knew it will be wonderful now. There was just happiness. Some weeks later, I got a mail from my US manager appreciating my work and in the same week I got a more-than-expected raise in my salary.

I bought a car and was enjoying driving. Every weekend I was out for shopping, both for my US trip and marriage. The same time which was running so slow had started flying. Isha came down to Bangalore over a weekend and we shopped for 25K in just two days and that only for me. And in my last week in India, I flew to Chennai for a night for Visa stamping, then flew to my home for two days for wedding dress shopping, and then flew back in a morning to catch the US flight the very same night. And, did all my packing in the middle of all this. The halted life earlier was on a rollercoaster then, and I was living the every bit of it.

Oh yes, now I believe Lady Luck is true and changes life without knocking – positively for me :-)

Does forgiveness help?

I have heard and read many wise people preaching forgiveness. They say forgiveness is not something we do for other people but we do it for ourselves – to get well and move on. They say forgiveness will shed the unwanted burden of hatred and unpleasant memories and make us feel light and free. Is it possible to forgive someone who had hurt you deep inside?

After being my close friend for four years and then my girl friend for two, she just left me one day by giving a vague reason. I tried convincing her a lot but she treated me like everything between us had never existed. All my efforts went in vain. Finally, I decided to let her go respectfully. She joined MBA school and later I would know that she got involved with a guy and later broke up with him as well.

Its been more than two years now and we haven’t spoken even once since then. She tried several times to contact me through emails and messages, seeking my forgiveness, stating that she is living in a guilt and wants to get free from it. I never replied. I never forgave. I drafted a forgiveness mail but something always stopped me from pressing the send button. I was enjoying her plea for forgiveness. It was giving me some weird happiness and a sense of importance. I used to plea exactly like that to convince her to come back. I was also enjoying my silence, which I realised was much more powerful than any of the words I would have spoken in response.

Today is her birthday. Just a few weeks back, through a common friend, I heard her engagement news – an arranged setting. Coincidently, I also got engaged around same time. But somehow today I am feeling to forgive her and let her go off her burden, if she is really carrying it. But would this forgiveness help me? Or would this forgiveness help her more than me?

I am in love with an amazing girl and going to get married to her soon. I am all well and have moved on completely. The pain was gone long back. Her absence is no more a void in my life. I don’t miss our pleasant times nor I got disturbed by the unpleasant ones. I am not living with any burden except some hatred for her, though I never even think about her. In fact, I feel that if I had forgiven her earlier, I might not have felt that weird happiness and that sense of importance which had somehow helped me move on. So, I don’t know how this forgiveness would help today. May be it would free me from that left hatred.

Well, I just pressed the send button!

Tagline and the biggest news

Since the birth of my blog, I’ve posted few of my stories,  poems, portraits and sketches. I was admiring my blog today (ahh, I love to do so and feel contend to see the traffic increasing. This is the only traffic in entire world I love to see increasing ;-)) and suddenly I saw my blog’s tagline – ‘Just trying to word my world’. Obviously, that was not the first time I was seeing this tagline (after all its my blog and my tagline) but a thought crossed that does the content on my blog really goes along with this tagline? Though my blog represents a little personal and a little creative side of me, but still remains far from my actual world. So, the answer was No!

So, I should either change this tagline to something like ‘My creative shadow’ or ‘Art I said’ or start wording my world to some extent (of course, to some extent. I can’t tell you all ;-)). I decided to go with the latter for two reasons. I feel to pen down some of the happenings in my life and share them with fellow bloggers and my readers. Second, I love my tagline and in no mood to change it yet! Ahh, ‘my world in ink and graphite’ just clicked me as a nice one. Well, might think later about it ;-)

So let me begin with sharing the biggest News: I am getting married in this December to the love of my life. Her name is Isha. We got engaged just a few days back after some struggling weeks, emotional moments and tough decisions, received a lot of lovely comments on Facebook, surprised a few of my friends (mostly females ;-)), still distributing Delhi sweets in my Bangalore office (my office people love sweets from North India) and last friday she flew down to Bangalore from Delhi to transform me into a crazy shopaholic for two days (and yeah, for her shopaholic is a small word ;-)). I am enjoying each and every bit of it and I know there is a lot more to come!!!

And hey, I just had Déjà vu while writing the title for this post. See, I felt to share this as well ;-)

she, in my dreams

not the only beautiful in her gang of girls, she always stand apart
without even noticing me once, she makes me feel gaga
told my best friend that i am into her, are you nuts he replied
thats the magic, i see nothing in her front
and with my eyes open, I dream about her
but she never bothers, she has her own world

atleast mondays earlier were lively, in between chats she sent me songs
all days now are dull and boring, with no hiees no repsonse
dont know her work keeping her busy, or it is something else
whatever it is, makes me depress
my eyes awaits her message, heart for a special cord
but she never bothers, she has her own world

now i decided not to ping her, nor to even say hiee
not to look at her, even when i know she is there
sure my ignoring will go unnoticed, but i can do what else
still my heart skips a beat, when i have her glance
and funny still i wait near, for her to see me and smile
but she never bothers, she has her own world

i smile in my dreams, my brother tells me
even he knows, she daily comes over
in her floral pink dress, she sits beside me
looks deep in my eyes, with hers ocean blue
last night i remember she bent to kiss me, did she really
stop smiling in sleep, he mischievously woke me
i was still smiling, wishing my dream to come true
but she never bothers, she has her own world

i am happy with my dreams, atleast in them she is mine
she responds to me, laughs on my smile
wears my gifted dress, strolls at beach with me
she dines with me, with glass of champagne in her hand
and comes in my arms, loves me all night
she breathes for me, she lives for me
in dreams she bothers, in them she shares my world