Say “Thank you” to those who changed you and feel “Awesome”

“Do you have people in your world who changed your life positively?” asked me the morning, when I stepped in the balcony rubbing my eyes.

“Of course I’ve!” I replied, surprised why it is asking me that suddenly.

“Did you ever thank them for that?”

That question made me think… many times people changes our lives forever with their actions, words or just by their presence, and often we forget to thank them for what they did, taking their love and care for granted. I was no different, I am now… from this very moment…

So go ahead and thank those who really have changed you, your life and the way of think… It feels AWESOME!!!


Thank you Nishtha for always there in my life. I am so grateful for that. You are the bestest sister ever. I remember vividly when I saw you for the first time, a little more than my palm, I felt an angel has entered my life. And after so many years, I feel exactly the same…just never knew my little angel will grow up so fast!

I know you miss me the most when I am away from home. I miss you too but I am a little poor in expressing. You’ve taught me many things in your own way. The way you believe in me makes me more confident and responsible. You make me go for knowledge by relying on me for answers, making me more aware. Your trust in me makes me a believer, affirming my belief that I will always be there to hold you, to support you in all times, and the way you listens to me makes me feel I’m a good speaker. And, I go to gym to look like a handsome brother of such a gorgeous sister ;)

I LOVE YOU and want the best of the bestest for you in all the spheres of life.


I am so thankful to you Sonal for being such an amazing and caring sister. The way you care about me and the way you are a little possessed (in fact, for everyone you love ;-)) shows and reflects your pure love.

Our childhood memories are so precious – long summer vacations, playing hide and seek, going to the park for orange bar, and running from p l sharma to begum bagh for no reason. But even though we have our busy lives now, I want to thank you for always making me feel that you are always there for me.

I am really grateful that you introduced me to Isha, the best thing happened to my life. I am really thankful to you for that. You have changed my life.

The way you go an extra mile to take care of Nishtha is commendable. I never mentioned this but I really appreciate (I know you must be thinking now, ughh…isn’t she my sister ;-)). You left your work pending to attend my roka-ceremony on such a short notice made me feel really special.

I can go on and on saying how grateful I feel for having you as my sister, but I want to finish it short by saying, I LOVE YOU SIS !!!


Thank you Abhishek for many reasons than one. First of all for always being my best friend, standing on my side in good times and bad, in right and wrong. For always listening to my stuff patiently and always believing in me. For never shouting back on me even in our fights. For making me think I am much better than what I think I am, and that I deserve the best in life.

For leaving your college classes to support me during dad’s abduction. For making me calm and strong when I was at my lows. When we’ll meet again, and I know soon, we will follow our tradition of mall road and hariya ki lassi ;)

Thank you for being my bestest friend. You’ve changed me and my life in many ways.

Friends Forever!


PS: There are so many other people whom I want to thank equally… Surely will, on some other beautiful morning :-)

The Morning and Myself

The Morning and Myself

The Morning is His favorite child,
Magical to bring back
Life into action,
And gives me a reason to start
With all my hopes alive.

The dawn beats the darkness
With a single white ray,
As my heart kills any inside devil
With a pure thought
On my morning walk way.

In the presence of the Morning
Becomes clear and calm
Even the violent black sea,
My eyes adores His manifested creation
He has started filling colors again
Now I can see.

Dewdrops star on leaves
Clean breeze flows free,
Birds dance in the flock
And trees go on a swinging spree,
Just the expression is different
Actually Nature is smiling with me.

With the rising Morning
I Feel the warmth
The Sun reduces cold,
The evil thoughts are dead
Inside resides me again
My cleansed soul.

And in its freshness
Silence prevails
The peace transcends beyond,
My heart and mind are in sync
And I feel with myself
The supreme bond.

– Ayush

One of my friends just asked me to put my name with the poem, else few might wonder that the poem is copied. I took this as a huge compliment and here goes my name with the poem ;-) So, people this poem is whole and sole my creation and its copyrights stay with me!

My another morning

Sun rises, gifting light
Birds fly, chirping fresh
Dogs stray, but howling stop
Oldies smile, stepping in park
Children ready, waiting for bus
Mothers stand, holding the bag
Morning back, bringing new life
I enter room, rubbing eyes
Tiring body, dead on my bed,
After a long night!