Flashback Friday #6 – Special Bond

Pankaj, Lucerne, 2013
We share a special bond

I can’t label

Is it friendship

Or is it brotherhood

I just can’t label

We were not in touch for years

But I stayed at your place like I belonged there

We talk once in a year or twice

But I always feel connected to you

We have age difference

But our frequency matches

I feel the happiness in your heart

When I share my little successes with you

I still laugh remembering your jokes

Your poems and paintings still inspire

And your Raclette cheese dinner is still fresh in memory

Is it friendship

Or is it brotherhood

I just can’t label

Let’s just say it’s a special bond which demands no label

It’s honest

It’s respectful

And it simply exists

Just like the blue sky and the wet ocean

The train called life…


sitting comfortably in a train

enjoying nice book and starbucks coffee

i mostly don’t notice

the people

standing or passing by

don’t even care

how crowded is the train

it’s when i’ve to stand

holding the railing

rubbing shoulders

i take notice

feel the struggle

the effort

to balance the feet

in that fast moving train


to reach the destination

without falling…

…is life any different?