Running and Reading

I remember when I rode my first bike I started noticing people riding the same bike in my neighborhood and college. When I bought my first Hyundai, the same car suddenly seemed to appear more on the road. When I started blogging, all the famous bloggers and writers started emerging. Those bikes, Hyundai cars and bloggers were always there, just that my mind had always filtered them out.

As I mentioned in my earlier post I am both running and reading from last one week and suddenly today this amazing quote from Will Smith appeared from nowhere. I always loved Will Smith for both his acting and his inspirational speeches, but this quote always remained hidden from me until today.

The keys to life are running and reading. When you’re running, there’s a little person that talks to you and says, “Oh I’m tired. My lung’s about to pop. I’m so hurt. There’s no way I can possibly continue.” You want to quit. If you learn how to defeat that person when you’re running, you will know to not quit when things get hard in your life. For reading: there have been gazillions of people that have lived before all of us. There’s no new problem you could have–with your parents, with school, with a bully. There’s no new problem that someone hasn’t already had and written about it in a book.

– Will Smith

Here’s the 2 minute video:

Here’s Will Smith on Success Motivation